Henriette Kruse Jørgensen

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Visual Communication

Henriette is a designer who works within visual communication, mainly focusing on projects within the cultural field. She holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication, and a one-year residency at FABRICA, Benetton’s Research and Communication Centre in Italy, which was followed by a position as the art director of COLORS magazine. Since 2012 she has been based in Copenhagen working independently on various cultural projects.

With her background in visual communication and strong focus on publication design she’s especially interested in how publishing is changing, going from print to digital and sometimes back from digital to print. She’s interested in how technology has changed our access to knowledge. How it has changed people and minimized the distance from thought to act, and act to the people.

With her stay at CIID, she hopes to create simple and aesthetic experiences committed to cultural and social issues. She’s looking for a point of departure and a way to merge technology with her knowledge as a visual designer. For Henriette social relations, human interaction and cultural diversity are key elements not just to produce good work, but also to learn and develop on both personal as well as academic levels. She hopes that within this environment she will expand her skills and perspectives as a designer.