Haz Roth

Country: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: User centered service design.

Haz completed her first degree at Glasgow School of Art where she gained a bachelor with honors in product design. Here, she was fortunate enough to learn under leading design and strategy firms such as Fuelfor (Barcelona), Seren (London) and Snook (Glasgow).

Since graduating in 2011, Haz has worked as a design consultant for ReD Associates in Copenhagen and New York and as a freelance graphic designer in London. Her client experience includes; The National Health Service, Skills Development Scotland, Pernod Ricard and Nielsen (Dubai), The Young Foundation and Arkivum (UK).

Haz is extremely interested in applying design thinking to a variety of areas to aid the creation of beautiful, user-centered, solutions. She particularly enjoys working around the theme of energy and thinking about how we use, and reuse, energy in cities. In both education and professional experience, putting the user at the focus of the design process is key to her methodology.