Country: Taiwan
Area of Expertise: Computer Science & Fine Art

Chia-Yu was trained as talented student in fine art during early years, and ended up graduating from College of Computer Science. Her experience includes an internship of Software System Art Designer at IBM and a researcher in a telecom company laboratory after she finished her Master of CS. Moreover, Chia-Yu is also a National Tai-Chi Coach and Kung-Fu Referee!

Chia-Yu loves to do “fun” design – from the way of doing it to the outcome that people actually experience. Design is to solve problems, and what she sees the main challenge of design profession nowadays is that it needs to be more fun, so that all good will and values will follow the enjoyment.

Chia-Yu believes that simply making things more fun is the key to changing people’s behaviour for the better – and it also creates a condition in which people motivate themselves. If design is to make a better world, Chia-Yu would like to make it a more fun and delightful one.