Arun Remy Mota

Country: Portugal/India
Area of Expertise: Communication Design

Arun hails from a small state of India, which we all know as Goa. He grew up in a village where technology and consumer markets were scarce. It was a countryside inhabited by ingenious people, who crafted tools of their trade and toys for children with natural resources.

The creative bug that bit him in his childhood took him to formally explore design with a graduation in B.F.A (Applied Art) from Goa University followed by a Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts from MET, Mumbai.

His curiosity towards learning different media diversified his professional work in areas such as e-learning, post-production and communication design. On his way he also honed his interest in Interactivity, Animation and Information Visualization. After a decade of experience in 3 diverse industries, he wants to now focus on the interactive medium thoroughly.

Arun is known for his fetish for antiques, helpfulness and love for nature. At CIID he is looking forward to collaboratively learn and develop designs with people from different longitudes and latitudes of the world.

Accidently we found out his name when flipped, becomes “Atom”. To know of his flip side visit