Angelisa Scalera

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Media Engineering

Angelisa graduated from a Master Programme in Media Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin and then she worked as a researcher at the IT Applications and Technologies Innovation Department of Ferrero.

As a media engineer with a strong artistic background (she is a dancer and she has studied music at the Conservatory), her desire/need is to connect these different skills in the pursuit of a potential trait d’union between art and technology.

Angelisa made her first real attempt to link creativity and engineering during the last year of college with her thesis focused on computer-aided performances. Investigating the possibilities unleashed by the interplay between interface design, interactive art and dance. She found a way to apply the latest technologies to her own movements in a choreographed play.

She has identified in the field of interaction design the right level of hybridization and expressive richness, which she believes can enable her to join together these different souls, which have always travelled in parallel. So she decided to join the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, particularly interested in learning about physical computing, tangible user interfaces and creative coding; excited to study in an international environment with people coming from different backgrounds and having many amazing stories to tell.

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