Amalia Goutaki

Country: Greece
Area of Expertise: Fine Art

Amalia Goutaki is a Greek fine artist that currently lives in Greece and studied fine arts at Parsons The New School for Design. She works and experiments with a variety of materials and she considers herself a mixed media and installation artist. She has done paintings, drawings, sculptures and has taken photography courses for a while.

Over the last three years she has been more focused on installations and her artwork is based on the creation of environments/happenings, engaging the audience and the space under which people come together to participate in a shared activity.

Goutaki explores interactivity and communication through the idea of games, playing and collaborating. The way she approaches her work is by researching into traditional games, rich in history i.e. the maypole, but also games that challenge ones mind, i.e. word search games, and puzzles.

She believes that art projects and objects have mainly existed for individual consumerism. Her aim is to change this approach and “break the ice” between the viewer and the piece. Through the viewer’s action, the piece functions and becomes complete. The way the viewer can experience the project is by performing, touching, reading, listening and of course viewing it.

Although, she sets rules in the way the piece can be approached there is always a chance taken when she “takes her hands off” the work and let the viewers make choices. This risky aspect of her work stimulates both participant and creator.