Akarsh Sanghi

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Computer Science

Working on a crowdsourcing project outside a famous museum in Amsterdam or augmenting physical environments into digital spaces via computation, Akarsh likes to pursue his projects in a non linear fashion. Inspired by Hindu mythology and European post impressionists, he considers his projects as a form of art to engage a broad audience in reflection to the power of information and digital media.

In addition to expressing information in an impactful and meaningful way, he is interested in exploring the use of technology as a malleable material which can be used to create stimulating user experiences. Akarsh believes that in the future, the memories of our interactions with both digital and physical objects should coexist, and even support each other in synergy. To achieve this, his approach is to allow people to breathe a new kind of life into the physical objects they interact with, through the creation of new meanings for it via stories, illustrations & ideas.

Fascinated by the concept of “Medium is the Message”, he aims to develop sophisticated mediums which will successfully blur the boundaries between physical and digital spaces, giving rise to novel conduits for interactive communication and personal expression.

At CIID, he aspires to perfect the art of storytelling to craft the future in this ongoing fourth industrial revolution with arduino’s, programming and design thinking. In the past he has collaborated with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to create projects on digital media, culture and society – and created a learning platform for art students with Harvard & Google.