Tabula is a concept for an adaptive personal banking device that uses fingerprint technology to securely identify any Tabula user. It replaces all the account holder’s credit and debit cards and eliminates the need to remember codes.

Since it adapts to whoever is holding it, Tabula is a blank slate until it is picked up by anyone with a Tabula account. Personal accounts are associated with your fingerprints, not tied to the specific device – thus, losing the device is no risk to one’s finances.

When splitting a bill at a restaurant, a group of friends can pass around a single Tabula device to each pay their part. Tabula also simplifies personal banking: push notifications help users stay in control of their finances and an easy swiping transfer system allows for transactions between two people holding the card at the same time.

To create this video prototype, we used an ambitious combination of motion tracking and chromakeying (commonly known as green screen) to simulate and animate a card-like device in use. We used a laser-cut acrylic base with a printed green overlay with tracking points and animated the card in After Effects. This was our first foray into digital animation and motion tracking and provided a rewarding challenge.