One App – The Future of Self Banking

In this class, we were asked to create a video prototype that visualized the future of self banking.

Our concept was to create a mobile application that would allow the user to transfer money to friends and family, pay for goods and services, and track periodic budgets. We envisioned the product to encompass all of the common transactions that typically surround banking in one place, and aptly named it One.

To launch the One application the user would begin with a fingerprint code that would grant access to the user’s various credit cards and bank accounts. Since the brief was to communicate the story of the product, we isolated the video into three main topics: Shop, Transactions, and Finance. By doing this we were able to identify three key visuals that would relate to these topics and allow potential users to quickly see how this application could become a part of their everyday lives.

Users would value the One application because it is easy to use and navigate. We wanted to have an intuitive user experience that capitalized on strong visual design and typical iOS interactions. By going through the brainstorming and storyboarding process, we quickly learned how to narrow down our thoughts into one core idea that made it easy for our narrative to come to life.