Little Ant

Little Ant is a service idea that introduces banking for children. It is to help users in the age group of 6 to 8 years to understand, learn and manage simple banking in a fun and interesting way.

It allows children to open an account with the help of their parents and also collect money which they get as gifts and pocket money. They can eventually save and use it for their own future expenses or wishlists.

Little Ant introduces children to the idea of saving and investment at an early stage and also inculcates responsibility when it comes to money.

Our challenge was to communicate the value of the service effectively in 30 secs. Creating a very tight and crisp storyline, choosing a memorable treatment style and complementing with relevant design details summed up the task. For the idea at hand, we chose to create a scenario, with a playful animation using LEGO so as to appeal both young and adult audience.