Electronic Fabric

This aim of this introductory course on electronics was to understand how we might imagine and build electronics differently. We learnt the basics of electronic circuitry, the tools utilised to diagnose them and get a practical understanding of various ways by which common objects can be utilised in circuits.

After a week long of understanding electronics with different material and various ways of crafting electronics using conductive materials such as copper tape, carbon paint, pencilgraphite and metalized fabrics that will be used to cut, fold, paint and sew functioning electronics.

We explored the idea of the “Cat’s Cradle Game” and “Juggling balls” by building its components with the conductive and non-conductive material and how it responded when you play the game. We further explored the idea by adding micro-controller to generate sound and also added LEDs light to the juggling balls to enhance the movements.

We had no prior knowledge in electronics an every exploration with copper tapes, fabrics, micro-controllers and sensors were a great learn experience in this project.