Electric Blueprint

I am new to the electronics field, and this course helped me to strengthen my understanding of basic electronic concepts. During the course we were introduced to different conductive materials and also how to integrate electronics with textiles; this was a fun filled learning experience.

Exploring electronics with different materials made the whole experience less intimidating and it forced me to play around with much ease. I consciously chose to spend my time on understanding the complexity of circuit boards and to explore different conductive materials.

The following is an example of exploring the idea of making patterns on paper, triggered with conductive material and electricity. My attempt was to make a print that looks similar to an end product of a photographic technique known as cyanotypes. The exploration was made in couple of hours without paying much attention to the aesthetics of the prototype. I was more interested in making the Mosfet circuit work, which it did after multiple iterations. I used thermo-chromic ink, paper and silverised nylon thread to make the pattern on the paper.