A Study of Resistance and Conductive Paint

For this one day project we decided to explore what factors effect the resistance of conductive paint on 160gsm paper. Using thermostatic paint (paint that changes colour with heat) we were able to see the areas of high resistance visually.

Two strips of copper tape, parallel to each other, starting from one side ending up to the other were placed acting as electrodes for the layer of the conductive paint. Finally, both pieces of tape had an alligator clip, the ends of which were clipped on the minus and plus of the battery.

The images show our experiments: changing the amount of paint used; changing the distance between the copper tape; the height of copper tape; and finally strengthening the connection.

Our aim was to understand how to create a smooth and even spread of resistance across a page. By using a microscope we found the key to this was a strong connection between the conductive paint and the copper tape.