Collaboration in Design

In this two-day kickoff, we created many small projects in order to meet our fellow classmates and strengthen our collaboration skills in design. Through these mini-exercises we learned frameworks and structures to facilitate productive teamwork. We have selected two projects to highlight: Time Tattoo and Panda Chef.

Panda Chef

In 2 hours, we sketched out a solution focused on reducing food waste.

Panda Chef is a role model created for children in primary schools; he creates awareness of food waste and provides ideas for how to creatively re-use leftovers.

Panda Chef comes to schools once a week, hosting cooking classes with kids who bring in leftovers. Panda Chef is brought back home in the form of an activity booklet, which allows parents to have a dialogue about food waste with their kids.

Time Tattoo

In under an hour, we sketched a new concept for telling time. Our target user was the student artist who would want an aesthetic visualization of their daily schedule.

The schedule for the day is stamped onto the arm using temporary ink that degrades over the course of the day. The thicker lines degrade slower than the thin lines, which allows the student to see approximately what his schedule is in real time throughout the day, color-coded by activity type.