Faculty: David Sherwin

January 9-10th , 2014

Keywords: Team Building, Collaboration, Communication, Time, Reflection, Understanding

General Introduction

Collaboration is a craft, utilised every day by practicing interaction designers with their team members, clients, and users. The goal of this workshop was for the students to gain stronger collaboration and communication skills, and to use that as a foundation for the year at CIID.

David Sherwin ran a series of exercises and group sessions which:

1. Encouraged students to meet and understand each other as people

2. Evangelised each students’ unique skills, interests, and opportunities for growth

3. Shared tools for optimising collaboration on design projects

4. Reflected on how designers impact themselves and other people through design (the ethics of collaboration)

At the end of the two days the entire group shared and discussed what they had learnt since the first session of the workshop.