Hidden Cities

Hidden Cities is a concept which encourages exploration of Copenhagen and gives the Metro the opportunity to not only support travel itself, but become a reason to travel. 

A partner service for the Metro, Hidden Cities provides monthly thematic tours around Copenhagen. Each tour is self guided to allow people to spend as much or as little time at each location. Designed for locals and experimental tourists, each monthly tour takes you to places you may never have even have known existed. The concept behind this project is to encourage ‘rediscovery of the mundane’; whether you are rediscovering the city you thought you knew or a subject you couldn’t imagine learning about.

Hidden Cities makes short term partnerships with local organisations which fit the monthly theme and gives them the ultimate platform to showcase their vision, history and values. At the same time, it facilitates networking and connection between businesses and local people. How often have you wished you knew a baker to ask them how to make long lasting fluffy bread – here is your chance!

The subject of the tour remains secret until the event day. However, to get your juices flowing, we send out an advent calendar with clues about the subject topic and where you will be visiting. On the day, a booklet with directions and a free travel pass is handed out at a metro station. The tour is held along the metro line taking you to far off places. Subtle directions help you navigate the city in an entirely new way. Walking down a well traveled road you will be encouraged to find details you may never have noticed before and understand the history behind the places you visit. At the final destination, there is a surprise combined with a chilled atmosphere to meet others and discuss your trip.