Tiger Trx

During this course we were asked to conduct field work in various Tiger retail stores in Copenhagen with the aim of exploring the theme of happiness as it pertains to the shopping experience. Through the use of numerous one-on-one and guerilla interviews we researched different opportunities for design and eventually narrowed it down to one core challenge: How might we add personal value to objects through gifting?

To answer this question we came up with three separate ways to enhance the gifting experience: in-store workshops led by local artists utilizing Tiger’s crafting materials, a device called Memo-Me that allows one to record special messages and attach them on gifts, and finally, a GPS guided device called Tiger TRX that engages the gift recipient by launching a scavenger hunt to find their present. Ultimately we chose to focus on Tiger TRX based on feedback from our interview subjects.

We envisioned Tiger TRX to be a small tile encoded with a time based GPS tracking device that could be purchased at Tiger retail outlets as gift cards. The user would then attach the device and hide it in a location for the recipient to find. By using a mobile based app that gave clues and alerted the hunter when they were honing in on the gift, we turned the act of giving and receiving an exciting and memorable experience for both parties involved.

Throughout the process of conducting people centered research we came across many learnings. We found that co-creation works best when the questions are more open-ended and less constrained. Also, the collaborator must feel as though they have a stake in the creation process, otherwise interest in the project and questions will wane. Overall, we learned that language proved to be a barrier, and it was much easier for people to respond to written questions and statements because they have time to better digest the information being delivered to them .