The Happiness Project

During this two week long course in collaboration with Tiger we were asked to help the company envision their future and come up with a different concept for their store – something out of the ordinary. We worked with topics such as happiness, playfulness, amusement and delight as they are dear to the philosophy of the Danish brand.

The first week of the course focused on gathering information in the field about the company and the way it’s perceived by the customers. We could choose from a number of methods and eventually decided to conduct a few one-to-one interviews to customers in their homes, several in context interviews in some of the retail stores and observed the behaviour of the regulars inside the shop. While conducting the interviews we gave an object to the respondent. In some cases it was a sheet of paper and some markers as we wanted the interviewee to be free to express him/herself.

At the end of the week we analysed all the material we had and identified three main opportunity areas for design. We started the second week with three sketching sessions, each one 45 minutes long, and produced as many sketched ideas as possible. As a result of the process we got 60 ideas which we voted for. The three most popular ones were the ones we kept working on. We then ran a few more interviews. This time we gave a rough, low fidelity prop based on one of our ideas for we wanted the respondent to engage in the process and co-create with us.

Some of the key learnings of this class were knowing about different kind of interviews, how to prepare them and the way they should or should not be conducted. An important finding was that the respondent should never be guided toward an expected answer. A project might in fact take inspiration from unexpected discoveries. We also learnt about the the importance of using props, how they can involve the respondent and how valuable their contribution can be.