We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness” – Charlie Chaplin

Cars rush past on busy roads bound for shopping sprees, weekend getaways, and amusement parks. Occasionally, we suspend the anticipation of the destination and look out. When lanes’ shifting tides align strangers lock eyes for a second before being pulled out of sync. We feel a rush that the world is honest and good.

Can we elevate this moment, this encounter amongst strangers that has no history or future? Can we embed some intention in this interaction that will bring a mindfulness of the moment? Can we share this expression of kindness? Proof that the world is welcoming. Potential in the unknown. Beauty of chance encounters.

“Trice” proposes instrumented car windows for sending and receiving tactile messages between strangers. A sender traces a message on his or her window. Sounds spatially mapped to the area of the window pane are triggered upon stroking or tapping. The receiver accepts the message with an open palm to the window and both hears and feels the sound signature of the sender’s drawing path.

Pass on the kindness. Catalyze the chain. Watch the ripple and collect on your kindness. Remember, strangers are friends in waiting.