Rock & Road

Rock n’ Road is the result of a two day project to design haptic and aural interactions in the driverless car. In a situation where everything is done for the user, it is no longer necessary to be involved with what is happening outside the vehicle. Therefore, we questioned how we could encourage people to playfully engage with their surrounding environment.

We created a musical instrument which allows people to interact with surrounding traffic. Each vehicle has a different sound dependent on shape, colour and design. The passenger is able to play the sounds of nearby vehicles to the pattern of an eight-bit sequencer. They can easily switch the current vehicle for another getting a completely new sound. When the sound of the new car is played the passenger in that vehicle will get a small haptic notification, keeping the accidental interaction of eyes meeting across traffic that we have today.

As well as making the instrument we made a model to express the relationship between the aesthetic of the vehicles and the sound they produce.