The Living Room

For this two day project we were given the task to create one room in the house of the future. No place in time was decided, nor a central theme.

Trends such as population increase, lack of resources and less available space to inhabit influenced the thought that rooms may have to adapt around the privacy needs of multiple inhabitants. What does it mean to share a space? And can technology aid in the ownership of a space even when the space is inhabited by many people each with different preferences?

The Living Room was a performance piece illustrating how a person may interact with a room if it were a living organism, able to shape shift and store memory about it’s inhabitants’ preferences.

We considered current trends in bio and nanotechnology and projected them decades into the futures. Our idea was to portray a future living space that would come alive through sensing the mood and body language of the individual within it.

Through the performance, we illustrated how the room would customize to the exact needs of the user. Voice commands were used to signal the start of a new activity, which prompted elements inside the room to change accordingly. This was shown using lighting, sound and acting.