Regeneration Cocoon

As part of a two day workshop for Introduction to Interaction Design, we explored what a future “wet and warm” area of a home could be.

We chose to focus on the distant future and designed a Regeneration Cocoon for cleaning and rest. We built a prototype and used body-storming to experiment with interactions. The final interactions were presented as a performance.

Welcome to the Regeneration Nest where we have state of the art Regeneration Cocoons–everything you need to refresh your body. Each cocoon is designed to stimulate a womb experience, a warm, comforting environment for growth. Within the Regeneration Nest you can see that there is ample room to hang cocoons for everyone in your family and guests, a great resource for living in this overpopulated mega city.

Due to advancements in biotechnology, each regeneration cycle only takes 15 minutes. Once inside, the cocoon will automatically sense your preferences and conform to support your body. It starts each cycle by stimulating your senses so that you fall into a deep sleep. The cocoon can then wash your body, brush your teeth, scan for health impurities, heal any wounds or diseases, give you a relaxing message, and even extract waste. At the end of the cycle, the cocoon will gently wake you up and you can emerge fresh with new life.