Movers and Makers

Our last and biggest project of the week was to build the “house of the future”. We were divided into groups of 5 and each assigned two words to inspire a theme for a room inside the house. Our team was assigned “moving” and “making” which invoked an indoors factory or repair shop, along with an exercise platform.

In envisioning a future house, we agreed that it should depart from typical science-fiction fantasies and instead to create an environment based on sustainability, non-instantaneous consumption, and pragmatism. Thus, a bicycle still looks like a bicycle instead of a hovering object, and repairs and recycling become the main ways to deal with household items.

These ideas resulted in a multi-purpose workshop and exercise room with five main components:

A stationary exercise bike uses a dynamo to generate electricity. A small greenhouse, irrigated by waste water from the rest of the house, houses hemp to be transformed into fibers and fabrics through an adjacent machine.

A traditional work bench allows for all typical forms of manual work and crafting.

A diagnostics machine scans broken objects and suggest repairs or nearby repair shops, and promotes social cohesion by connecting users with neighbors who can lend their replacement objects in the interim.

Finally, a series of hanging shelves with fresh herbs separates the workshop from the adjacent kitchen.
Our main challenge in this project was to quickly ideate and prototype a number of items and installations that would form a cohesive unit, consistent in its underlying concept and design aesthetic.