Futuristic Kitchen

During this one week course we were introduced to Interaction Design. As a class, we turned our studio into a futuristic environment, called “The House of the Future”. We were then divided into five groups and each group was in charge of designing one room of the house.

Our group was given the kitchen to design. After brainstorming, we found that in most cases the kitchen serves as a meeting place whether you’re at home, or in a working environment. When eating, people have more time to bond, exchange, and interact with each other. We decided that even in the future, where people will supposedly be more isolated and preoccupied with their individual tasks, the kitchen as a meeting place would still be maintained. Our main focus was then to enhance the experience by making it more vivacious.

We imagined a kitchen that would function automatically in terms of preparing food and cleaning up, but it would also give the the option to choose a culture and dishes native to a particular country. In an increasingly small world due to technological advances, the possibility to explore exotic cuisines and learn about different countries would be commonplace. After choosing a certain cuisine, the whole kitchen would transform into a space that relates to that country, such as colors, sound, etc.