We experience sensory overload all the time, even just with our human senses. A world of a billion sensors multiplies this overload a billion times. How do we prevent our human senses from fading, not only from old age but throughout our lifetime?

Tone focuses on preserving the sense of hearing while enhancing it at the same time. It balances hearing to enrich acoustic experiences in everyday environments.

Tone responds to gestures. Cup your ear, and the environment will be enhanced, allowing you to zoom in on desired sounds. Hold your ear shut and the soundscape adjusts its levels to a safe volume.

Tapping on Tone enables sonification of data in the environment, allowing you to hear what is normally considered imperceptible. Listen for open wifi connections or electromagnetic radiation, among other location-based sensor data.

Tone also allows you to network with other Tone devices that you choose. Listen remotely to voices of friends and family, bringing your sense of connection to these people one step closer.

Out of the box, Tone comes as two devices made of soft, moldable material. Once the material is inserted into the ears, it retains its shape, resulting in a custom ergonomic fit.