As a wider range of sensors record and store our experiences, the valuable memories we can pass on to the next generation are becoming increasingly virtual. Heirloom offers a touching solution to the question, what happens to these data traces when we die? Heirloom is a series of products which translate data collected over a lifetime into physical heirlooms. Each object allows you to share experiences and reflect on memories with someone you have lost.


is a neckpiece that gently emits the pulse of your loved one. The wearer is able to browse a specific moment in time and hear the pulse data of their loved one. It allows you to connect through time as their own heartbeat synchronizes to that moment.


is a band that gives light pressure to the wearer when travel routes align in a city. It matches past GPS data of your loved one with your current GPS data, and enables you to walk together and discover how your loved one moved through the city.