Imagine that a law has just passed making all publicly recorded data open source and available for use. Using this premise we chose to focus on one medium of public surveillance: CCTV footage. While we are used to the notion of CCTV footage as a form of surveillance to capture crimes in action, not all actions caught on these videos are negative. From catching falling babies, to watching hilarious bloopers in convenience stores, we came to find CCTV as a way of recording raw and unfiltered moments.

To this end we created ‘Captis’.

‘Captis’ is an application that uses GPS data to repurpose existing video footage from CCTV feeds located throughout the city. By creating a profile, you can receive a daily summary of locations visited, and view a compilation of videos from a third party perspective. Through the straightforward design of the application, the user can view an interactive map and video clips to re-live spontaneous moments over time with the goal of cataloguing habits, behaviors, and events for reflection and memories.