Love in the Time of Email

In this two day project we were asked to use visual processes to interpret and find meaning in data. The goal was to use visual design as a method to find patterns in our everyday lives.

I chose to examine the massive volume of emails gathered over the course of a 7-year long relationship in an effort to better understand when and why it began to decline. By filtering through our online communication, I first counted the number of emails by year, and then delved deeper into the subject lines to determine the mood and sentiment. I mapped the volume of emails by year and added in benchmark titles to show major shifts in the overall mood at that time. The blue color in the chart is representative of the relative “darkness” or “lightness” of the period.

In my first iteration I found that the infograph had too much text and while it was very informative, it did not deliver in its aim to deliver clear content in a concise manner. In my final graphic I pared down the text to a list of simple, easy to understand sentiments.