The concept for Sunfinder was born out of the need to find the sun during the dreary winter months in Copenhagen. By accessing the user’s current location and weather data, Sunfinder displays the distance to nearby sunny cities while also graphically representing the temperature and duration of sunlight.

The user can adjust the time of day and the application will automatically update the weather details, and when tapping on the “Activities” button, one can see a variety of outdoor ideas for that specific location. By forecasting three days in advance, Sunfinder allows for reliable data and spontaneous trips and adventures outside.

What began as an application with many features such as transportation and interactive maps, we learned how to refine our concept into a solid core idea that resulted in a stronger finished product. We also found that having a number of animations and interactions did not always allow for a pleasurable user experience, and that using standard iOS features clarified the usability and logic of our application.