Exuberant Cell & Vivacious Rays

Data from weather sensors and blood glucose level sensors are personified by embedding vivaciousness and exuberance in the way they are visualised.

Exuberant Cell

Exuberant Blood Sugar is encapsulated in a blood cell that expresses itself through blood cell behaviours in a dramatic fashion. It presents changing blood glucose data in the three simple states that are meaningful to a diabetic patient – unhealthy states (too low and too high) and healthy state. At the optimum blood sugar level, the blood cell is at rest, where it simply breathes. When there is too little or too much sugar, the blood cell behaves abnormally by deforming and multiplying itself rapidly respectively.

Through a literal visualisation of the behaviours of blood cells, a diabetic patient is able to not only understand his or her blood sugar level, but also the impact of high and low blood sugar on his or her body.

Vivacious Rays

Vivacious Weather is inspired by sun rays. It visualises temperature and wind speed through the colour and speed that sun rays oscillate. As heat rises, the sun rays emit brighter red hues. Similarly, likening to the behaviour of the wind, the rays oscillate faster as wind speed increases. To exude ambience, translucency was also applied to the rays. Sensors are created by linking blood glucose data, temperature and wind speed data to their visual elements through javascript and exported to html code.

Our key learnings were in utilising and modifying shape, movement and colour in order express the sensor’s personality and communicate data in an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful manner.