Expressive Data

Throughout this week long course we were asked to complete many exercises designed to help us learn Javascript. For the last two days we were given the task of attaching personality traits to data. We chose to express a dramatic email as well as vivacious temperature.

When designing the behaviours for the temperature piece we gained inspiration from penguins. Much like penguins, our creatures stay in a huddle to keep warm. However, when the temperature reaches a certain degree, they spread out becoming more colourful and animated. The vivacious quality comes from their excited movement as well as their vibrant colour. The weather data is constantly fluctuating, which influences the movement and colour of the creatures. This gives them an extremely lively quality.

We took this opportunity to repackage an email notification into something unfamiliar. Email is something we encounter multiple times a day. However, with the unread messages piling up from that website you once logged onto, the experience can be quite the opposite of dramatic. When waiting for an email, the white shape spins, but when the data comes in it’s  form, colour and sound changes to reflect this event.

The challenge of this week was to get used to a new programming language. For this group, this was just their second week of coding and the first time designing with data.