Birds & Balloon

What is the concept?

The idea of these two exercises (one day project) was to “personify” and anthropomorphise simple web-based sensors – giving them a voice of their own. It had to be realised giving an emotional characterisation through a graphical representation using Javascript.

How does it work?

Attention Seeking Email – In this little data visualisation each time someone receives an email a bird will land on one of the power lines, chirp and then fly away. They will receive the new email but won’t see the bird because it will have already left.

Exuberant Wind – The balloon is an exuberant way of indicating weather data. The focus was on the representation of wind through the leaves: inclination (for the wind direction) and speed (transparency of the background).

Why is it valuable for the people who use it?

The value is to enjoy the potential of emotive sensors, which can offer useful and immediate information at a glance.

What were your key learnings?

The core value of these projects is in the development of skills in JavaScript, pushing more on the representative and visual side of it and so learning how to develop expressive and interactive graphical artifacts and representations.