A service that informs people with food sensitivities about the content of food at supermarkets.

Tidbits is a service dedicated to individuals with food sensitivities. Any member can be informed about any item’s “undesirable” ingredient. When inside a supermarket and in the proximity of the shelves, the electronic price tags display information relevant to the subscriber’s profile.

The service is especially designed for recently diagnosed individuals who need time to learn what foods can cause them harm. During the adaptation period people with food sensitivities can, to some extent, rely on labelled packaging until they discover natural and healthier options.

Individuals who follow a low fodmap diet struggle to know the long list of foods high in fodmaps, whereas people allergic to a component need to read the list of ingredients every time they buy an item. Buying groceries and meal preparation is also a difficult task that poses a burden for their friends and family members.

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