The aim of my research is to understand the modalities of ownership and control when a learning system is employed in the scenario with capabilities like forced feedback and automation. I explored the behaviours, relationships and nuances of people with technology through a physical interface employing Forced_Feedback systems(in a specific context of drawing here) which would claim to be empathetic enough while aiding us in our operations by learning with us and giving us feedback. The finding of this research would then be used as considerations while designing future forced feedback enabled systems.

I created a physical interface which would be empathetic enough to aid us in our operations by learning with us and giving us feedback, just like a responsible teacher would do. In my research, I want to explore how we can use nuances of forced feedback systems to learn new skills aided by developing muscle memory along the way. How can technology be used to support and elevate a muscle memory experience, if that’s possible at all. More precisely I would like to see if it is suitable to use or is possible to use forced feedback system to enhance fine motor muscle memory skills.

Here I’m looking at how forced feedback systems could be used in multiple situations and not just for the feel, conformity or presence of an activity with machines. One way to approach it would be to see when machines act as learning portals; how we can evolve with this facet that they doesn’t become too much overwhelming? What are the possibilities that arise when we apply forced feedback systems with today’s technologies? Can we provide more opportunities when machines have a physical attribute assisting us in our learnings and not just showing us what to learn on a flat screen? With those questions in mind I started exploring for a system that would help a user to perform a task by physically helping him to learn.

On a broader scale, the aim of this exploration is to add on to the knowledge in understanding the behaviour of human beings with learning machine and understanding the modalities of the forced feedback technology with that respect. When applied in the field of learning and assistance, what are the factors that govern our human perception and what are the nuances that needs to be understood to design such systems in future in a better empathetic way and less commanding manner. Thus a series of experiments were performed and the knowledge generated in this specific context were generalized for uses in future multiple contexts.