Roly-POVY helps people gain access to more balanced information by revealing the underlying positions. 

We’re living in a world of media abundance. We consume huge amounts of information every day but it’s difficult for us to have control over its quality or variety. Through this information, we get to understand ongoing social agendas and form our own opinion. When faced with different opinions, we sometimes exchange ideas and gain knowledge; on other occasions, we encounter conflicts.

Information asymmetry or closed mindedness drive conflicts between different groups, at various levels. In this project, I explored the causes of information asymmetry and the means people consume information. My design solution focused on intervening on the filter bubble and the self-reinforcing feedback loop, which tends to occur when people consume information.

The Roly-POVY is a tool that shows you when you are overdosing on single-sided information that could potentially lead to a biased mind. It includes a physical reminder and a crowd-tagging system. The tagging system allows the user to tag the underlying position of a piece of information. In this way, many of the related pieces of information can be sorted into different positions, and each position may have multiple points-of-view. While other users read the tagged information, the physical reminder provides feedback to make the user aware of the position he/she is consuming. When information consumption is balanced, Roly-POVY stands upright and displays multiple colors, showing that the user was browsing information with varied points of view. Otherwise, a tilted homogeneously coloured Roly-POVY indicates that information consumption is unbalanced and selective.

Roly-POVY makes information consumption a tangible, shareable, and playful experience. It motivates people to be aware of their information habits, sense their blind spots, and become conscious and open-minded, ultimately reducing conflicts in the world. When people are aware of their biases, the society will become more conscious and open-minded. It will create a better place where we see more understanding and peace.