Melos enables first-time musicians to gain creative confidence by helping them play any standard music keyboard. 

Melos lowers the barrier to musical expression because everyone should experience the life-changing joy of creating something beautiful. Melos supports you in musical improvisation and teaches you basic music theory intuitively through visual feedback. What was once the privilege of professional musicians is now possible for everyone: just pick any musical key and start playing. The colored lights of the Melos modules highlight all the notes in that key’s scale, giving you the confidence that no matter which of them you play, they will always sound good together.

Most people try out a piano once in their lives, and when their attempts sound – predictably – dissonant, it’s in many cases the last time in their lives they’ll ever touch a keyboard. The barriers to entry to creative expression, particularly to making music, are so high that it takes years of diligent piano practice to be able to improvise and create music in more than just the few easiest musical keys. Similarly, many keyboard players and amateur producers who lack classical training and play only by ear are limited to those easy keys in their compositions, as is most of pop music, whereas there is a wealth of 24 major and minor keys with countless scales to explore.

Melos makes it easy to create music immediately, without any prior knowledge of music theory, with only a standard keyboard. It was created over the course of two months through multiple paper and interactive prototypes and tested with children and adults at all level of musical experience and training, and it is always amazing to watch people realize for the first time in their lives that they are able to make music.

Melos in its current form is the the third prototype and was presented as a mock Kickstarter campaign as a dress rehearsal for the actual campaign, coming up in 2015 after further development and testing.

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