Jr. Explorer enriches the travel experience for children. It enables kids to discover and travel to places in a way that makes them curious, excited and learn about it even before they get there. It is designed to help children plan their travel and think about practicalities at a level they can understand. The idea is to inculcate responsibility in them while doing so in participative and engaging way. The interactions keep them engaged while traveling and also encourages them to record their unique personalised experiences and share them with fellow explorers.

The service helps kids to be a part of a travel process along with their parents. A representative character for each country takes the kids through the journey of Discovering, Planning and Exploring a place. It focuses on the before, during and after of a travel process and provides adequate information in those areas. It also has a physical character with a GPS device which the kids can take along with them while traveling and get notified about the places they have marked, to meet other fellow explorers or simply track their bag at the airport.

Even if families travel a lot, kids rarely have a say in the choice of destination and are not able to contribute towards the travel process. Jr. Explorer will change this and will help kids to learn, engage, participate and share their experiences with others.