TalkBox is some parts gum-ball machine, public questionnaire, and vaudeville magic show.

TalkBox aims to heighten the social experience of the CIID OPEN Lecture series; drinking beer together after the talks is a CIID ritual and an opportunity for guests familiar and unfamiliar with CIID to meet and share ideas. 

Questions are posted on TalkBox and participants vote by disposing their beer cans through their chosen answer’s opening. Inside TalkBox, the cans roll down ramps, trigger light shows, and eventually turn mechanical counters before falling into the bin.

A mechanical contraption, TalkBox exists in the room as a spectacle; catalyzing bonds between strangers around allegiance and adversity. An intentionally limited platform for self-expression, TalkBox demands for opinions to be clarified, elaborated, and challenged. 

Friendly introductions and discussions elevate our experience of open lecture through active engagement with each other on topics relevant and inspired by the lecture.