Course Dates: June 16-27th, 2014
Faculty: Adrian Westway & David Rose

The history of magic and conjuring provide a rich palette for imagining a future where everything is connected and a little smarter. What ordinary things could be made extraordinary with connectivity and computation? What will be our response to enchanted objects, especially when they start colluding with each other? What are the inevitable trade-offs and losses in an IOT-saturated world?

This two week workshop aims to create a stronger understanding of emotion and experience by applying magic thinking to product and service design. Together we will start to organize the techniques of magic into design frameworks that we can use to orchestrate and animate many types of connected-products.

It’s not clever technology that makes magic, but the successful weaving together of narrative, expectations, context and experience with that technology that create truly astonishing experiences.

Week 1

/ Study Magic

/ Learn Magic

/ Find Magic

Week one will define what magic means to different people, and explore the different levels of magic which are possible. We will then actually all become magicians and learn and perform some challenging tricks to the rest of the class. The week will end with an exploration into which products and services are using magic thinking, and mapping out user experiences for those products

Week 2

/ Make Magic (video)

/ Make Magic (products)

In week two we will take everything we have learned from week one and start imagining what would happen if normal objects became enchanted.