VideoBug is a concept for a cross-platform digital service that enables people to enjoy shared viewing experiences across time and space boundaries.

Millennials in particular are not watching traditional-format television because it is an isolated, impractical, and inflexible experience. There is no way for young people to share a viewing experience short of being in the same room together.

Young people are already finding ways to use multiple devices simultaneously to be social about the content they are watching. We are giving them the tools to do so in a more connected way with a unified interface across all their devices.

When using the app, people can invite others to ‘watch together’. When they speak or audibly react to what they’re watching, VideoBug listens and starts recording. Later, when their friend is watching the same program, they hear the reaction at the exact moment in the show when the recording was made – as if they were in the same room together.

VideoBug also enables content providers and networks to attract and engage the most socially connected and active watchers of video content. The service enables peer-to-peer recommendations, invitations, and interactions to rapidly spread content through networks.

Given that we had less than three days from ideation to presentation, this project was a challenging learning experience in rapid prototyping of user interfaces, time management, and creating a compelling demo video without having the time to create an interactive prototype.