Sally empowers emotional eaters by providing them a way that could disrupt their physically ingrained habit, and a means to gain insight and change, without exposing their privacy.

Emotional eating is habit of turning to comfort food to cope with particular moods, typically loneliness, boredom, sadness and stress. Emotional eaters find it difficult to stop because the physical habit of stuffing their faces has become ingrained over time. They are typically not aware of how it’s triggered and how much they ate. Moreover, they are reluctant to share the problem as they are afraid of being judged. This perpetuates other problems such as negative body image, stress and obesity.

By detecting emotional eating through hand-to-mouth motion, Sally is able to intervene in emotional eating at the right time. The bracelet creates sharp sensations on the eating hand when emotional eating reaches an unhealthy level, allowing emotional eaters to become aware of the behavior. Its unassuming and trendy appearance disguises its function, allowing it to be worn across all occasions. In addition, emotional eaters can learn about the mood triggers through the app and better manage their emotions in the future.

Sally was initially conceptualized during the five-day Emotive Digital Service course as a digital service for the smart home. Following the project, further research was conducted with users from Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. These insights highlighted the importance of a wearable that can disrupt behaviour during an emotional eating episode, and a non-discreet appearance so as to not expose the problem to the public.