Lite is a personal newspaper for a younger audience, who can choose their content and what they want to follow. It simplifies and reduces the article content and displays it in a playful way. Lite is simple, easy and informative. It will appeal to our audience who find existing news platforms overwhelming and boring.

Looking at all the constraints we decided to make a responsive news application for smart phones and desktop computer which is capable to deliver personalized news based on one’s field of interest.

We tried to devise an experience where they can feel connected with their friends or those who share common interests.

The needs of youth nowadays are largely different in society. The way they approach problems, how they voice their opinions and the way they deal with them. Lite would help them bridge this gap and help receive information in transparent and simplistic manner. It would also drive youngsters to read news eventually and a part of our larger goal.

A whole week of understanding of how to shape content, distribution methods, information architecture, tone of voice and creating services that are personal, relevant and responsive to the user’s context were some of our key learnings from this course.