Flow is the result of a one week project exploring learning in a mobile, modern and relevant context.

There are many ways in which we can access learning through mobile apps. However, hectic lifestyles and fluctuating schedules make maintaining a new skill quite a challenge. Through our research we found that many people initiated learning when less busy, but as soon as something else took priority they felt left behind; making it gradually harder to pick up where they left off.

Flow is a responsive learning platform designed to react to people’s ever-changing schedules, evolve with their learning curve and motivate them to use it regularly. The app approaches learning in a fun, light-spirited way. Someone who wants to learn photography could be prompted to photograph a nearby monument, and will be given in-context tips to reinforce their learning. When busy, they can simply set the amount of time they have and the app will find inspirational media to keep their creative juices flowing.

Using GPS and calendar data Flow sends quick exercises which the user can carry out throughout the day, utilising the dead time in their schedule.

This project was the first attempt at UI design by all members of the group. Organising the content of the app while maintaining an element of intuitiveness was a big challenge. A long refinement process using paper prototyping tools helped achieve this final design.