Flight Simulator

In this 5-day course, we were asked to explore the power of networking interactive modules together to create complex interactive environments. How to architect a large scale, distributed prototype, while maintaining flexibility to iterate.

In order to meet this challenge and to learn this process of interaction we were introduces to NOAM viz. a platform designed to work and connect between multiple systems. It also supports diverse programming languages, simplifies networking and understood its scalability and architecture.

We decided to make a booth simulating an aircraft cockpit. The task was to receive four different types of data information and create respective actions, simultaneously sending the data off to another booth. We made a few processing sketches to develop certain functions and the hardware simulations were composed with the help some powerful sparkcore microprocessors connected to the network. Styrofoam and other construction materials were used to recreate this aircraft cockpit.

With this process of collective coding, building, testing; we learnt that it gets challenging to run and control multiple sketches and hardware’s at the same time from just two computers connected to a same network.