Weekend Roulette

Do you like surprises? Do you want to travel somewhere, but have no time to plan or research viable options? Perhaps you just need a little inspiration? Introducing, Weekend Roulette!

Appealing to a more adventurous subset of travelers, Weekend Roulette helps out those in search of a short diversion. By simply entering in your budget, preferred date, the amount of people, and three mood adjectives (e.g. cozy, festive, warm), Weekend Roulette meticulously combs through options that suit your individual travel needs to curate the perfect travel package. All of the details, including airfare, accommodations, and daily activities, are delivered 2 days before take off to ensure a maximum level of surprise.

As part of this week long course in entrepreneurship, we developed a business model for Weekend Roulette and worked out many details ranging from initial funding to the eventual expansion from Denmark to the rest of Europe and Asia.