Wouter Walmink

Country: The Netherlands
Area of Expertise: Interaction Design, Software Development, Photography

Wouter was a born maker. His childhood bedroom was a Rube Goldberg machine one day, a stop motion studio the other, a haunted house show the next. Initially dreaming of a life designing roller coasters, a stroke of sensibility made him choose for the young faculty of Industrial Design in Eindhoven (NL).

The sweet scent of published papers almost tempted him into a research master. Instead, he took a 180° turn and co-founded Studio Ludens, where for six years he has built creative design tools for the masses. Besides his design career he is also an avid photographer and was a visiting researcher at the Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University (AUS).

Wouter’s ambition is to empower people through smart products. He is engaged in the maker movement, the indie game community, and is fascinated by the rise of web-based services. At CIID he hopes to absorb fresh views on design methods and revive his passion for physical products.