Ritika Mathur

Country: India | South Korea | Italy

Area of Expertise: User Experience Design | Design Research | Visual Communication

Ritika Mathur is from India but when it comes to experience her spectrum is very wide as she has studied & worked with diverse groups both in Europe and in South East Asia. She loves collaborating across cultures, languages and disciplines.

Initially trained in BFA, Ritika specialised in Graphic Design & Advertising where she earned the Design Merit Award for being an exceptional rank holder for 3 consecutive years. During this period she was also awarded a full scholarship to NABA, Milan for a program in Graphic Digital Design where she saw virtual becoming the new real, and the influx of new media shaping day-to-day life in a very unique way.

Her quest to explore this new horizon made her pursue her master’s degree in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, India. The multi-disciplinary learning atmosphere at NID provided her a zoom-out approach where she gained knowledge about the design process, design thinking and user-centered design philosophy. Even though her course was structured more towards exploration of various media forms, her inclination for analysing different ideas to find the hidden connections that create exciting and effective experiences became the reason she found herself drifting towards the world of interaction design.

Later, as the lead UX designer at LG Electronics Design, India she worked closely with Headquarters in South Korea for two years and was responsible for creating UX as a strong Brand identity for LG in mobile communication, home appliances & health domain. There she witnessed interesting interactions between design, manufacturing & technology to achieve true consumer value. This made her realise the higher potential & role for interaction design even in a hardcore product based company.

Fascinated by humans and their inherent urge to connect; Ritika is excited to blend design & technology together to create value interactions that impact their choices and behavior to stir change.

Portfolio: www.ritikamathur.com

Blog: rxdlabs.wordpress.com