SmallChange was a digital service that our team’s designed in response to predefined brief that was issued at the beginning of the course. We were asked to produce a simple service that would be used as the content for two different video outcomes — a low-fidelity prototype video and a high-fidelity live-action video.

We designed a digital device that could be fastened to a range of personal accessories such as bags, wallets and mobile phone cases. The device was always connected to the internet service and provided real-time financial information and small purchase suggestions. SmallChange members could create personal goals such as saving for a holiday, a new car or a new wardrobe, at the point of purchase SmallChange would inform the person how close to their goals there were and how the current purchase would affect their savings.

We chose to develop and follow a single SmallChange member to introduce and explain the SmallChange concepts and how it can help people’s spending at the point of purchase.