Small Change, Big Impact

Small Change is a service that helps people manage their variable spendings. Using the Small Change app they can set their monthly budget and divide it over different categories. With the service comes a Smart Card that shows their spendings in real time. The system is such that it sends them saving tips during the month based on your spending pattern.

The aim of this course was to learn how to use video as a prototyping tool. As ‘time’ is an important element in interaction design , video becomes an effective medium to convey ideas and concepts.  

More than designing the service, we focussed on different story-telling techniques using the medium of video and how to use them in the various stages of the design process. During the week we had several crash courses in editing, compositing and sound design. We immediately implemented our newly acquired skills in developing our concept from story board, through a low-fi paper cut animation up to our final high fidelity video.