Small Change

Small Change is an auditing application that is especially designed for people who have issues with regularly saving money for the things they planed to consume. Besides automatically updating and providing an overview of the user’s budget, the most charming feature of Small Change is to help people get more value from their money, and save up for the things that they really want.

Every time the user pays for something, it is automatically updated in Small Change. The user can always check their budget overview before they are up to some not necessary expenses. Small Change also provides suggestions of free and discount events nearby as a second choice. According to these suggestions, people can get more value from their available money.

Most importantly, Small Change provides users an intuitive interface for planning their budget for up and coming spending sprees. Starting by creating a new budget tile, the purpose, amount of money needed, and a deadline for when they can save up for it, Small Change will calculate and update the budget overview after they drag-and-drop the tile into the budget overview pool. Small Change automatically calculates and updates the budget overview, notifying users that how much they can save up from other original budgets – helping them to achieve their goal.

The brief was to create a service called Small Change, design for the interface and to use the Luma matte technique (we learned during classes) to insert our designed interface in between user’s fingers and the screen of a smartphone. This project was co-created with Elisabeth Haarsted Graversen. We enjoyed this process and carry on using the skills we learned in later projects as well.